Calourette is the most beautiful jewellery, created by the lovely Marianne Rautureau. Marianne used to own the shop 'Calourette' in Paris where I sold a few pieces of my designs a few years ago. Since closing up shop she has released her own line of jewellery and when I first saw her work it really was 'love at first sight'. The other day I received the beautiful 'doigts' finger ring (first picture) it is the most clever ring I have ever seen, (concept is brilliant) silver with enamel red nail polish and creases (yes, creases!) in the fingers where they bend, the detail and quality is phenomenal, you can also get it in gold and flesh enamel colour. Marianne also has a rabbit version, 'Patte de lapin', rabbit paws with the same concept and so much detail, fur etching and all. And the grand donut necklaces look good enough to eat... I will hand model the ring and upload a picture when the dreary Melbourne weather decides to clear up Below is the ring in action... Ah! HEART!