A friend sent me this link today... it's the best!

Seven Incredible Things from Today That Have Nowhere Else to Go

A man helped a woman carry her stroller down the stairs to the subway. They got to the bottom, and he saw another woman approach the top of the stair with her stroller, and he went back up to help her, too.

I realized that fire breathes just like we do. Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out.

I waved at someone, thinking I saw a friend. It wasn’t my friend, but they still waved back.

There was a man sitting at a diner table recreating a chess game through its notation. Two minds against each other long ago, today recreated by one mind to learn from both.

Falconry! It’s a thing. Amazing.

I’ve noticed that people are either top-lip talkers or bottom-lip talkers. I will never be able to unsee this.

Today, I realized that at one point in time, I was the youngest person in the world. So were you. I thought we should get certificates for this accomplishment, and then I remembered my birth certificate.