Love this Hex Necklace by Iacoli & McAllister.


Nekonoko at FEWMANY


HEY PEEPS! I'm back!

Soooo... my brother and I completed the pilgrimage in 39 days, wooh! It was really tough, there were injuries all round but so chuffed that we made it and so happy to have had the opportunity to meet the generous and selfless people of Shikoku. Very humbling indeed.

So much happened and I don't want to ramble on about it too much, it would be very hard to fit in all the stories in one blog post...

Therefore, I won't tell you about the time we got caught in a typhoon and realised our rain gear wasn't actually waterproof (whodathunkit?) and we had to walk with soggy pants... NICE! Or the time we didn't realise we were going up a 12km mountain and didn't have any food or water, but I found an orange in the bush and we ate it. The time we're pretty sure we interrupted minshuku owners 'gettin' jiggy with it', but continued to ask if we could stay the night (awkward?), the time we nearly got hit by a truck in a tunnel (true story), our stand off with a toad that was blocking the path, who continued to death stare us as we crept past him/her... memories...

On a side note, I am pretty sure Studio Ghibli films are based on the landscape of Shikoku. Pretty!

I hope you're all well and dandy. I have yet another backlog of blogs to get updated with, until next time!! xo